Persuasive Essay On Pearl Harbor

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1121 words

It was a sunny beautiful day on the December 7, 1941, when citizens of the society were waking up to do their regular chores. This is the day that everyone will remember in the history of the world. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan happened in the early morning. The Americans were caught off guard by the Japanese fleet. The attack resulted in an outburst of horrifying deaths among Americans, including the loss of war fleets from the naval base. Resulting in Americans entering World War II, although they did not want to engage in World War II. “The “day that will live in infamy” ended with the deaths of over 2,400 sailors, Marines, and soldiers, along with the heavy damage and destruction of eight battleships.”1 After the devastating destruction on …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the surprise attack on pearl harbor by japan resulted in horrifying deaths among americans, including the loss of war fleets from the naval base.
  • Explains that the attack by japan provoked the united states to enter world war ii.
  • Analyzes how isoroku yamamoto's attack on pearl harbor led to involvement in world war ii, which turned out to be a turning point.
  • Opines that japan and germany could have won world war ii if they hadn't bombed pearl harbor.
  • Explains that the use of nuclear weapons to bomb hiroshima and nagasaki was more pivotal than other milestones, including the first world war and the fall of communism.

Japan had a very clear reason why they wanted to attack the United States. “It was dangerously dependent on America for scrap iron, steel, and above all oil: 80 percent of its petroleum came from the United States. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration had been attempting for years to use economic sanctions as leverage to force Japan to abandon its invasion of China.”4 By Imposing ban on the oil and steel, the economy of Japan was affected severely. The japanese felt that America was standing in their way concurring the Asia, which really affected them to place a attack on the Pearl Harbor. Although, the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan was successful by destroying the ships, but they failed to destroy the pacific fleet. This day would be remembered as one of the darkest day in the history of United States. Provoking attack on the United States, Japan’s situation regarding the world war II made it scary, they had to face the consequences later on. The attack on Pearl Harbor had major impact on the outcome of World War II, if Japan had never carried out their plans of Bombing Pearl Harbor, the Axis Power would have a better chance on winning Worlds War II, and innocent lives could have been

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