Persuasive Essay On Patient Dumping

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Patient dumping when a hospital capable of providing the essential medical care for a patient, but turns the patient away because of the patient 's failure to pay for services. Patient dumping is some steps taking by hospitals due to lack of financial ability of the patient either expelled or not provide the services he needs. Before some hospitals not even greeted before making sure that health care insurance was available or not. However, in 1986 The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act to stop hospitals from turning away patients with emergency medical situations, even if they were uninsured. And some of who is suffering from patient dumping is the homeless. Because the majority does not have healthcare insurance, income or the ability to pay a certain amount of the treatment. . In the U.S., more than 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.…show more content…
During my career, I saw a lot of cases indicate that homeless go to hospitals or pharmacies to find a charity or to get help by doctors or pharmacists. Through my Professional working in one of the pharmacies. I faced many of these cases that sick people with low income or homeless, especially in the winter asking for medications against Cough or Flu, through my moral and my profession. I tried to give some donations or humanitarian aid to whom needs. My ethical value is to help people when needed. Hence Beneficence is one of the important qualities that should every doctor or pharmacist that infuses. A smile or handshaking to the homeless can build hope and help to make his day better. Back in Syria I worked with a group of colleagues to collect medications for pressure, diabetes diseases, gave them to the associations that provide medications for the homeless who suffer from such chronic diseases. Thus In my opinion, it 's a right of any person, whatever his circumstances, can get the required treatment and to be treated fully
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