Persuasive Essay On Palm Oil

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Cosmetics, soap, chocolate, and frozen meals. These general products all have something in common; they include palm oil, a resource found in oil palm trees located primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm oil is a valuable resource that is contained in many everyday products. However, the mass consumption of this ingredient caused wide deforestation in wildlife’s natural habitat and is leading to the endangerment of several animal species. Sustainable palm oil is grown and harvested by companies on private land to avoid deforestation and harm to wildlife, so people should consider purchasing products that include sustainable palm oil rather than palm oil taken from natural forests. One may be surprised by how many common products include palm oil. It’s in a wide variety of items, and with over fifty different names, many are unaware of what palm oil is. The reason everything includes this oil specifically is because oil palm…show more content…
Many companies have turned to sustainable palm oil, palm oil that is produced on plantations that reuse the land for their agricultural purposes, thus supplying more palm oil without the destruction of natural forests. Some choose to boycott palm oil entirely, but this alternative will not significantly change the demand for palm oil. Vegetable oil is used abundantly and oil palm trees are the quickest producing oil crops, concluding them necessary to satisfy the demand for edible oils. Not only is palm oil versatile for its uses and quick to produce, but it is a major component to the economy in Indonesia and Malaysia. Many people living in these countries struggle with poverty, and agriculture of sustainable palm oil is how a great deal of people support themselves and their families. If the boycott of palm oil were successful, a considerable population of people would be unemployed and
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