Persuasive Essay On Organic Food

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In your life you will most likely eat some form of fruit or vegetable and meat every day. Wouldn’t you want to know how your food was grown and raised? For years there has been a debate on whether organic food is better than genetically modified organism. Are there side effects of GMO’s? Are they as healthy as organic products? Is organic worth buying? Those are some of the many questions people have been asking about this common debate. Organic food is becoming easier to get throughout the world(Trimarchi, 2). Many everyday products can be produced on organic farms, including vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, eggs and now cotton for certain brands of clothing. The amount of organic farms is increasing every year. The Organic Farming Research…show more content…
Health and nutrition are the main reasons people buy and consume organic products. Some studies show that organic food can help the appearance of your skin. Reducing large amounts of acne and oily tendencies of skin. Skin appearance is not the only reason people eat organic food. Most people believe that eating organic food will help their overall health. Some people also believe that organic food will prevent diseases and increase one 's lifespan. Organic baby food is also the crazy these days. The benefits of organic food for your health and the environment outweigh the costs(felton). More and more parents believe that organic baby food will help their babies learning and physical growth. Parents also think that organic baby food is a safer alternative for infants health. Also many schools are going towards using organic products for their lunch program as a healthier choice for children. All organic users are choosing organic because of the lack of Genetically Modified ingredients.(Anderson, Wachenheim, Lesch…show more content…
More than half agreed that there is little risk in the intake of organic foods. They are completely safe to eat. Also two thirds of people in the United States report using organic products. Over twenty seven percent report using organic products on a regular basis. It is reported that ninety five percent of the sales of organic products will go through the United States and Europe. The majority of people in the US and EU believe that organic food is healthier. The same study says that organic food can cure diseases.(Anderson, Wachenheim, Lesch
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