Persuasive Essay On Organ Transplants

At the end of the month, thousands of people are added to a waiting list for an organ transplant; however, thousands will die while waiting for their chance. “In fact, it is estimated that approximately 18 people die each day while waiting for an organ transplant in the United States alone.” Michelle Beshears also states, “issue of supply and demand for organs is not limited to the U.S. This is an international problem that stems from the fact that there are just not enough donors to supply people in dire need of a life-saving organ transplant.”(Michelle Beshears, 2014). With these facts being provided, a problem is clearly appearing, there are not enough donations for organ transplants to save those who are waiting on the list. Although, if…show more content…
Police officers, FBI, etc. have caught many traffickers, but fail to stop the illegal trafficking on the black market. In fact, organs on the black market continue to rise with little being done. “In the United States, the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984, Pub. L. 98-507, forbids any sale of organs that affects interstate commerce with a penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $50,000 fine.”(InPublic Safety, 2014). According to ‘In Public Safety’ article, “The laws in the United States (as well as many countries around the globe) prohibit the sale of organs. However, these laws seem to only fuel profiteers in the black market organ trade. Many patients are willing to turn to the black market and pay big money for a life-saving organ.… The truth is, unless something is done the issue of a shortage of organs around the world is not going to disappear and so the market for the illegal trading of organs will continue to thrive.”(Michelle Beshears, 2014). There are more organs being bought than being donated and patients are already looking on the black market to buy an organ, even if it is illegal, patients will do anything to save their life. The question now is “Should international law enforcement agencies take a tougher stance on current standing laws...should laws be repealed to allow for the legalization of organ trade?”( Michelle L. Beshears,…show more content…
Humans should have the right to buy or sell organs. With laws to help keep it from getting out of hand such as, only have certified people do surgery, this will create enough organs to save lives. Plus, with certified doctors doing the surgery and proper care, more organs would be saved instead of wasted. The result would be fewer people on the waiting list and won’t have to wait for years. Another benefit is patients or victims of traffickers on the market, would lead to a decrease in death and pain. Since, there are reduced deaths, the amount of children in foster homes would decrease, since their family have a better chance at surviving in need of an organ; however the world’s population would increase tremendously. Also, it would be harder for traffickers to make an increase in profit, which could lead them to try getting deeper from others. There will be a supplementary in money from selling organs legally, which could be put in for certified

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