Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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With every waking moment a victim is claimed from a failing kidney, heart, liver or even a failed lung. With so many people in the world there are bound to be accidents. One would believe that with so much death occurring daily that we would be stockpiled with healthy organs, but as those on the waiting list have found we are far from a surplus. The reason for this lack of organs dates back decades ago. With the introduction to organ donation came myths associated with organ donation. These myths changed the decisions of countless possible donors and influenced the lives of thousands of recipients. In order to give those on the waiting list a second chance new law needs to be introduced. Law makers need to introduce a new law regarding organ donation in which recipients are forced to become organ donors themselves in order to be placed on the waiting list. The main problem with organ donation stems from the myths associated…show more content…
After a fatal incident at the hands of diabetes that rendered her kidney useless Leona Godin was forced to become part of the waiting list. Her stay would be long overdue, “My life was on hold for nine years” and seemed would never come to a happy end. (Gorcha). Her time was limited and growing closer and closer to the end. “My odds were one in ten million to find a kidney with my high antibodies and my rare blood type” (Gorcha). Still Leona and her husband never gave up and with the help of local news, Global Okanagan, she was able to get her story out in search for a donor. Months later came along Kathy Grant, a woman who was seemingly moved by all Leona had been through and just so happened to be her blood type donated her kidney. Eight months later they were given the opportunity to meet in person; “It was a woman that could have died, embracing the woman who saved her life”
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