Persuasive Essay On Ordinary Life

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It’s crazy how life can change in an instant. The uncertainty of being dead or alive at any given moment can conflict with how you go about your life. As presented in the show A Thousand Ways to Die, there are a number of physical and chemical factors that can end our life. We learn from our mistakes and with past experiences we know the right and wrong paths to go towards. Not everyone receives the blessing of life every morning; however, we must cherish the moments we are able to live through, and pass on our life experiences to the generations to come. I can take you through the day of my ordinary life and show you how everything can be good, then take a drastic turn for the worst and still have positive effects. “Brave Dave” is my known alias around town. My real name is David Ned and I am a hard working father. Growing up, I was taught that hard work and dedication would always lead me to success. We never lived lavishly but my parents were always able to provide me and my siblings the bare necessities. The day was Friday, nothing new or out of the ordinary. I woke up around eight forty-five, took a shower, and proceeded to do everything hygienically possible. After cooking breakfast for my son, I dropped him off at school. I scheduled a parent-teacher conference with my son’s teacher. He wasn’t pulling…show more content…
It can provide the open door to a fresh start, or it can close a door with a dark core. Second chances come rarely in life, but nearly everyone needs a fresh start at one time or another. I made it a point to forgive Darius due to the fact that he truly understood what he did was wrong, even given the circumstances. No criminal goes to every victim’s house to apologize after the crime, that’s how I knew Darius as not a true criminal. Again, life throws mysterious scenarios in everyone’s life, but the point is to be sure to leave a positive impact on someone’s life, regardless of what they have done to

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