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On June 22nd, 1994, one of the most high-profile crimes to hit the media will occur at the home of one of the most adored football players in American history. O.J. Simpson was at one time considered to play the lead role of The Terminator, but producers thought the public wouldn 't be convinced that he could be a robot on a murder spree on film. O.J. was that likable that no one could believe he could be a killer, and people today still don 't believe it. RELATED MURDER TRIALS: Making A Murderer: The Case For And Against Steve Avery And Brendan Dassey When the trial was happening, I had no idea who he was until the trial started. I had my Dad tell me all the details of who he was, and everything else I learned was from watching television. I was young, but I still knew that racism was awful. I looked upon the television to Simpson sitting in the trial and just thought, "Oh, okay." I know it 's hard to believe, but I wasn 't brought up to believe race had anything to do with whether people judged based on race, but this case was a 101 course in proving I was oblivious to the real world. However, what I did hear based on pure evidence was that this guy totally did it. There was too much evidence that proved he was involved, and the only reasonable doubt that was brought into the case was purely based on race.…show more content…
It 's a dramatization based on the case that mostly seems to follow the case, but obviously has to make changes to make it more entertaining. On top of the show bringing the case back into the spotlight, another huge thing has been dropped on us. If you recall the case, the weapon used in the murder was never found. The suspected weapon was a knife because of how Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered. Ron was stabbed dozens of times, and Brown nearly had her head removed from her body. On March 4th, 2016, a retired LAPD officer came forth with new evidence... from

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