Persuasive Essay On Oceans

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Caitlin Cupples Mr. Hartz English 4 09 May 2014 We are all, in some way, connected to our oceans, they make up most of the planet. Yet,we have only seen about 5% of them. It’s more than important to explore the oceans, because it opens us up to numerous discoveries and mysteries, from understanding changes in earth’s climate to finding materials for new medications. We do plenty of exploration in Space, yet we neglect the very planet we live on. We humans, along with every other living creature that inhabits land are rare exceptions to life. Ninety to ninety-nine percent of the living space on our planet is the ocean itself. We have used oceans for a number of things since life began to exist but we still have almost no idea what is down there which has yet to be found. It is hypothesized that around ninety percent of ocean creatures have been left undiscovered thus far. We can confidently say there is life down there, but we are choosing to try to find life on other planets so we can, theoretically, colonize them in, most likely, billions of years. However, the next cure for cancer, the next plethora of resources we need, can be on the ocean floor right now. Unfortunately, the oceans are becoming increasingly more polluted, more poisoned, and, in general, less healthy, according to Julia Robertson: “In a world where the chemistry of the ocean is now changing faster than life can adapt, it’s vitally important that we learn as much as we can about the ocean to better prepare for the future” (Roberson). The ocean already provides us with a number of uses from just the small percentage we have covered, such as most of the oxygen we breathe, as well as acting as our largest source of proteins. It is also a bank of mineral ... ... middle of paper ... ...ssible to practically everyone no matter where they are located. Further exploration will clearly be challenging, for if it was not, we would be doing much more of it. However, these challenges of exploring the deep parts of the sea can help provide a basis for more technology and engineering that can make these things easier, as well as be applied in other situations. The benefits greatly outweighs the costs. The focus of exploration is to do just that, explore. Doing it now can open up young generations, people who are not even born yet, to answer the questions we pose now about exploring. It opens up a whole new world. (Ocean Explorer) REPLACE HYPHENS WITH COMMAS (IF IT DOESN’T CREATE A RUN-ON) OR JUST PUT A PERIOD THERE AND JUST HAVE TWO SEPARATE SENTENCES. TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT YOUR PROOFING BY COMBING OVER THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COULD ADD UP TO A LOT.
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