Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Most people assume, if we eat healthy and exercise, we will have acceptable fitness. In yet over half of Americans are obese. To determine why our country is becoming increasingly overweight, we have to look at the term healthy. It is clear to see that America is steering away from a healthy lifestyle, and moving towards a sedentary one. Obesity is proving to be a long-term problem. It is time to change the way our society views healthy. The direct opposite of healthy is being obese. One way to solve the obesity epidemic is to contemplate the true meaning of health in terms of nutrition. By finding what makes people obese, we can discover the authenticity of healthy. Whether that be discovering the way people eat or what’s in our food. Defining…show more content…
When walking down a grocery aisle people typically choose the item lower in fat. The truth is many low fat foods and drinks are loaded with added sugar and are high in calories. The shocking reality of our society is the companies are aware of what they are doing. They are told to make their products healthier. In response, they dwindle down the fat and add the sugar (Quinn 5-8). Then they promote their new and improved “healthy” product for all to buy. It is the strong minded super companies that are making America obese. This information is publicly known, in yet no one is doing anything about it. We are all addicted to what we grew up with. Healthy is no longer an option for upcoming generations, unless they want to eat bland rice cakes for the rest of their lives. When people think food is healthy they take it upon themselves to eat as much as they want. Buying packages of food with 100 calories can do more harm than good. If someone sees low calorie, they are encouraging themselves to take twice the serving size (Whiteman 9-11). I fall victim to this. Somehow people think it will not hurt to take another serving because it is "healthy", but 100 calorie Fiber One brownies are not healthy. Overeating is a problem of this country and low calorie products are a cause of…show more content…
They are the epitome of poor nutrition. Processed foods are the beginning of high fructose corn syrup and the end of healthy life as we know it. Say goodbye to a strong heart and hello to a disease called diabetes (Mercola 2). Processed foods are teamed with artificial ingredients. No one should have to deal with red dye #2. Preservatives are another thing to watch out for. There are foods that have a better chance of surviving an apocalypse than the entire human race. Those types of foods should say warning on them, and have a caution on the label. Smoking causes cancer and processed foods can cause just about everything, including death. There is nothing good about processed foods. The only reason that companies even make it is for its long shelf life. Chances are people will continue to consume this terrible excuse for

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