Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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One of the most controversial topics in today decades is our minimum wage in the United States. Recently, in the past decades minimum wage has either been rising, decreasing or staying elevated. The minimum wage is defined as the lowest amount that employers can legally pay their workers per hour of labor. Minimum wage was initially established to reduce poverty and was established in the year 1938. Many supporters of minimum wage say that it increases the standard of living and keeps people out of poverty. Those who are opposed to it tend to believe that it increases unemployment and could potentially harm the lower class people. The minimum wage should not be raised to fifteen dollars in hour because it could resolute in fewer jobs, raise taxes, poverty and expensive living standards. Although the raise in…show more content…
In occupations where most work is repetitive, it is cost-effective for an employer to respond to higher labor costs by substituting technology for employees. An employee should not be getting paid fifteen the hour to baby sit a computer that does its work for you. According to William waschcer, “Companies are increasingly looking for ways to sell more products with fewer employees. ATM machines reduce the need for bank tellers, virtual assistants can answer the phone 24 hours a day, and self-service machines are reducing the need for checkout clerks” (78).
If fewer jobs are going to be provided, lower class people won’t benefit it from these acts anyway. Raising the wage isn’t going to improve the lives of the lower class people if they are not going to be provided with a job. If it puts on a strain on businesses and forces them to fire employees, it would actually put more people into
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