Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Although minimum wage supporters aggressively advocate for a raise in the minimum wage, I believe that we need to remove minimum wage laws if we truly want to benefit American citizens and the economy as a whole. Its supporters often peddle the minimum wage as a means of economic justice to insure that unskilled workers receive a fair, living wage and are not taken advantage of by employers. However, a minimum wage is actually a bad economic policy, veiled in good intentions, that is inefficient in its goal. Ignorant of the harm that such policy creates, minimum wage supporters become drunk on the feeling that they have made a change for good and like an addict hooked on snake oil claimer for more. The minimum wage needs revoking because…show more content…
This reasoning does not seem in line with the redistribution of wealth and economic equality attitude that minimum wage supporters usually promote. However, there are consequences to a minimum wage that make the raise in pay Bob receives useless. Cutting employees is not the only way that employers will cut cost. They will also raise the price of goods and services. This will weaken the value of the dollar and thus contradicting any benefits that were though to arise from a rise in the minimum wage. In addition, “It’s true that the government can force business owners to pay its minimum wage workers more per hour, but it can’t force these business owners to pay them more per week.” (“The Right Minimum Wage: $0.00.") Employers will cut benefits, training, and work employees harder to get more out of fewer workers to make up for cost and layoffs. Therefore, people that do receive a slight raise in pay because of the minimum wage will be in the same boat before because of higher prices, cut hours, and the addition of duties and reasonability’s that would have otherwise be spread out over multiple employees. As David Henderson, the editor of The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, put it “And many of those who do benefit from a wage increase will likely find those benefits undone. They will work fewer hours, will work harder per hour, and will get less training.” (PragerUniversity. "What 's the Right Minimum
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