Persuasive Essay On Mental Illness

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Imprisonment! Who would like to be imprisoned especially for so long? Just the name Imprisonment is so powerful that it bring shame and emotional stress to individual, family and society. The same applies to mental illness. According to....., health care policy has made mental illness a shameful disease by limiting health care coverage that psycho patients get. Though imprisonment is outrageous, there is nothing wrong with incarcerating patients with mental illness, but, wrong with the way prison staff and government policies treat them.
In my opinion, mentally ill people should have incarceration because they post a lot of treat and cause violence to family members, friends, and society as a whole. According to a report from the Office of
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According to the article" Madness" by Eyal Press May 2, 2016, issue, psychopathic patients who incarcerated are bullied and treated badly by prison staff and management of those units. The workers put patients under hunger, but them under a hot shower of about 180 degrees. As a way to punish them when they do wrong because of their illness, let patients fight among themselves to see who is strong which leads to death sometimes. They teased them to anger, denied them of their activities and good residence conditions that will improve their health. The hallways caked in grime, mildew on walls, sewage systems backed up and cockroaches in the kitchen. All these increased the chance of worsening their health. Some patients are denied the care and drugs that they need in the unit and prevent their relatives from seeing them. Some even get the wrong medication for treatment that worsens their case. Visit from relatives and friends will release those patients to some extent since they will have the feeling that their friends and family had not forgotten them and that they still love them. Also, giving them the correct care and drug will improve their chances of getting better, but that not done. Though there are government policies for not abusing psycho patients, it does not work in the units. Health care workers in the group can not intervene…show more content…
The federal government stigmatized psychopathic patients by setting barriers to how psycho patients should get care. That is done to only mentally ill patients and not any other patients. The federal government does not provide support for States to take care or keep their psychiatric hospital and hospital beds. That prevent most patients from the care they need since there is no bed to keep them for a given period and take proper care of them. According to Tim Murphy, a child psychologist, "Congress has set two standards effectively telling the country that the mentally ill are less deserving of a decent life than others." Also, the federal government has not set rules to govern how parity law should affect Medicaid, the insurance of most low-income people in the country. Medicare law also discriminates against mentally ill people by limiting the number of days those patients can receive inpatient psychiatric care. "States had cut $5 billion from mental health services from 2009-2010, along with ten percent of psychiatric hospital beds and forty percent with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia received no treatment in the past year." Mental ill people don 't get the help they need when they seek to it; some don 't ask for heFailure to provide the proper care leave those people more vulnerable, lead them to city
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