Persuasive Essay On Marijuana

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Since the dawn of time humans have made certain things wrong or illegal. Some foods have been unhealthy to eat without reasonable cause. For instance, in Biblical times, some meats were considered unclean. This would seem quite unnecessary to modern people. In more recent years, substances have become a polarizing topic of debate. The government is notorious for trying to control the lives of the people, from speed limits to the monitoring of internet activity. Some people break laws by speeding or in other ways. There used to be no laws about such things but now there are. Smoking has been an issue of debate for many years. Whether it is how a person smokes, where a person smokes or even if smoking should be legal at all. Even alcohol has been discussed in the same matter. Bishop reports about a companies’ policy on marijuana, “Coming to work…show more content…
We deal with it the same way we do alcohol. Alcohol is a legal drug, and so is marijuana, but if you are at work and intoxicated on either of those, that 's grounds for immediate dismissal” (1). Many companies have had to adapt in similar ways and decide which side they are on. These have been common debate topics for the smoking of cigarettes, but many of them also apply to marijuana. Marijuana legalization is controversial because of the monetary, medical, and social effects. This issue is not compelling to most because they want to partake in this recreational use of marijuana. In a recent poll, “A majority of American adults think marijuana should be legalized, a poll released by the Pew Research Center finds. While 52% were pro-pot legalization, 45% of respondents were opposed to legalization” (Nelson, “Marijuana Legalization Supported” 1). It interests most because of the controversy of the topic that is seemingly the same as
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