Persuasive Essay On Mandatory Minimums

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Mr. President, I am writing you today because I am affected by the mandatory minimums many families around the United States deal with every day. I read the other day that you commuted another 61 sentences for inmates. You have given them the right and opportunity to reenter society and become productive members of society. I commend you for giving these men and women a much-needed second chance at life, but it is not enough. There are many more men and women who deserve a second chance. My dad is one of those men that deserve a second chance. His name is John E. Stewart, and he is currently serving a life sentence at USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania. He will reach his ninth year this coming May. He has missed more in those nine years than a father should miss; his children 's graduations, the birth of his grandchildren, the marriage of his youngest daughter. Personally, he missed my high school graduation and my graduation from the University of Kentucky. These are proud moments in my life that I was not able to share with my father. My dad screwed up, he knows that he knows he should be punished but to give someone a life sentence for drugs while we have violent criminals like murders…show more content…
Mandatory minimums should be used only in the worse cases instead they have become the norm when dealing with addicts and the drug problem plaguing the United States. This is not a race problem that many people try to make it; this is a human rights problem that affects more Americans daily. Even with my family being affected, I did not see this as the major problem it truly is until I seen that Sesame Street had to introduce a character, Alex, to tackle the problem of the incarceration of a parent. We as a society, as a nation, should be ashamed we have such mass incarceration that we have to portray a character on a children 's
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