Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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A plant from the earth itself , Marijuana. When people see or hear that word , they will either be disgusted or enlightened for such a thing. In the up most recent decade , the legalization of marijuana has brought much attention to political standards and is something that is becoming more popular day by day. Although the western side of the United States has historically grown in conformity towards the recreational use of the "drug" , why is it so difficult to legalize the plant and let humans use what earth itself gave us? Perhaps it 's the word "drug" that holds law makers frightened to make the decision to disappoint all of those who are so against the act. Marijuana is the most frequently used illicit substance in much of the world.…show more content…
Opposers of the legalizing marijuana act argue that crime and violence would increase if it were to be legal. We must look at the states that legalized the use of marijuana , and the rate at which crime has or has not fluctuated . Colorado and Washington both have decriminalized marijuana , making it fully legal. These states had shown no linkage of association with usage of marijuana and increased crime rates. It is not the drug that causes the criminal to forward the violent activity , but it 's the criminal mind himself that makes the judgment to do so. It would not make sense for a society to become more violent on a substance that benefits stress and other causes of anger and depression. We must take an outlook on the innocent lawbreakers and what it has been doing to their future. Because of the fact that marijuana is illegal is most states , civilization of marijuana has left prison and court room filled with people who are criminalized for possession or use of marijuana. The war on drugs is leaving America in a devastating crisis. Instead of punishing users , government should take a look upon ways to help the economy and better the communities in need. With a political gesture as such , legalizing marijuana would have the total opposite conclusion to what 's going on in the war on drugs. The money that we are paying for taxes are going towards a unstoppable annual bill to house drug users. Instead we should use the popularity of marijuana to oppose the poverty in regions throughout the United States. Collecting tax money can conclude in new schools to open in segregational communities. Also , collecting marijuana tax revenue will help businesses of such employ more citizens into the economic structure. In conclusion , unemployment rates could reduce slowly yet surely as Marijuana industries
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