Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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The effects on a person who smokes cannabis is said to be twenty times safer than those who take part in smoking tobacco products or indulging in heavy amounts of alcohol. The use of tobacco and alcohol on a daily basis is considered to cause many health issues and side effects and are more harmful to the human body than smoking cannabis. There are many reasons why cannabis should be legalized. First and foremost it is used for medicinal purposes, to help those who are in pain, have sleep disorders, severe skin conditions, and has also been used to kill certain types of cancer cells. The scientific testing of marijuana has had proven results that there are up to sixty medical uses. When broken down and dissolved into rubbing alcohol…show more content…
SIde effects from smoking a joint is usually laziness and extreme hunger. Smoking cigarettes and alcohol are products that cause addiction, medication, hospitalization and cold turkey are how most have to stop these habits. Surveys show that people who smokes cigarettes and/or tobacco products have a shorter lifespan than people who smoke cannabis . U.S Department of Justice reported that there have been approximately 5,000,000 alcohol related violent crimes per year. Where the government does not have to track any violent acts that are caused specifically related to marijuana use because there is really little to report. With the legalization of marijuana in California and Colorado crime rates have fallen 15 percent. The legalization of cannabis has been proven to assist the growth in the economy. Many states out west, such as California and Colorado where marijuana is legal have shown a profit and increase in their state tax dollars and the creation of job opportunities for those who are over the age of 21. Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado said if cannabis were made legal throughout the United States taxes would improve by 134 million in the year of 2017.

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