Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Are you tired of hearing about how in debt we as Americans are? Well if we are in debt and the government does collect its money through taxes then there is one effective cure that comes to mind. Marijuana. There are many marijuana activists that support the recreational use of cannabis, it already has many consumers and the number would increase along with is legalization. Also, if you take the illegal out of pot, then how many “drug” busts would be eradicated from the system, hundreds? Thousands? The crime rate in America would then plummet. Also the issue of marijuana legalization mimics that of prohibition in the 1920’s almost to a tee. All in all the legalization would aid the government and lessen tax dollars that aid the housing of people convicted of possessing weed.
Many people would connect the use of weed and the use of alcohol. In some ways it’s similar, like the prohibition of alcohol. Because of the prohibition of both these products there has been the establishment of illegal transportation and distribution. Where they are wrong is the comparison of costs caused from the effect of using the product, such as drunk driving and many other reckless activities that drunks participate in. However the effects of marijuana would only increase the spending of an average citizen, because you need means of smoking, and it makes the typical user become famished and therefore promote eating out. Also driving while intoxicated impairs the vision and limits the motor skills of any human, however your ability to operate a vehicle is anything but harmed after smoking a “J”. Therefore driving under the influence of pot would not lead to a fraction of the amount of property damage drunk driving has caused.
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...tes follow, as the industry grows it aids the acclamation of the rest of the economy. It is supplying more jobs in the agricultural department as well as more businesses that house and ship the goods and allow for the development of local “green” communities. Also dousing the illegal convoys that ship in from other countries, and therefore dissipating international drug crimes. Just after the establishment of Initiative 44 the marijuana trade in El Paso County has become a major contributor to the economy. Law enforcement, users and dealers have estimated that annually 80 million dollars is made from this new cash crop. In comparison, an average Wal-Mart rakes in 45 million dollars in retail sales. So what benefits more the jobs and revenue coming out of this once illegal substance or the cost from tax payers to keep people in jail because of possessing a plant?

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