Persuasive Essay On Leadership

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In life, we get the chance to create our own destiny. The way we view life and how we handle situations, controls the success of the relationships we create throughout our life time. Everyone has different principles, but in order to be effective we must learn to understand others. With these four important understandings, Coney teaches us lessons we should endure in order to become a great leader not just in your workplace, but also on a person level. To be proactive, think win-win, become synergistic and to sharpen the saw allows you to think about life in a different perspective and not making it only about yourself.
One of the four most important insights about the seven habits of highly effective people is to start to be proactive. We
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To think win-win means to deal with situations that will have a positive outcome for you and for others as well. In order to progress in life professionally or with relationships, one must not think selfishly. It is healthy to genuinely care about others and to accept and come to a mutual agreement that will make you happy and the other party as well. To think win-win is to learn to compromise and commit to being a better you. Thus, eventually becoming influential and have a happy mind set because you no longer think just in yourself.
In order to be a successful leader, one must always think win-win. As a leader you have to deliberate for the benefit of the company and the team. You are prone to be more successful if you think of the over-all growth of everyone around you. People that only think in themselves do not get far in life just like in any relationship. When there is a disagreement, you and your partner have to come to an understanding of what each person wants in order to better the relationship. If you do not compromise, your significant other will eventually get tired and leave and that is why you should have an abundance
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This is an extremely important attribute because you learn to accept others for who they are. You also learn to be open minded and not just stick to what you believe is right. You acknowledge the good in a bad situation and encourage others to speak their minds in a respectful manner. This is essential in any relationship and determines the maturity of a person. Following the example of listening to your partner in order to have a good relationship, when synergistic you open yourself up to other ideas. Instead of changing someone, you learn to accept and see the good in the other person. You give yourself in and also push others to do the same and express themselves freely. This of course, creating a strong bond and also working together toward greatness.
The seventh habit is to maintain the ability to continue practicing all the valuable lessons Convey taught us. To be successful is to dedicate yourself to be better permanently. You value yourself and others by creating overall positivity. The hardest part about change is to not go back to the old habits and that is what sharpening the saw is all about. There are four dimensions that need to be balanced in your every day life; physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotion. These four dimensions make up the person you are and it is all in your power to keep yourself and those around you
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