Persuasive Essay On Leaders In Society

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Aside from extremely unusual exceptions, leaders in society face nearly no opposition from those they rule over. The enduring question, however, is why? Why do we as a society accept a life full of fear, obedience, and menial tasks? The answer to this seems to evade some of the less intuitive minds, however the minds of those dedicated to a life of critical thinking have come to many different answers. One reason behind this is because of the society we live in. The idea that change is bad being ingrained into our minds is another instigator. We as humans have developed a form of society in which everyone has a purpose and a job they must do. In some circumstances, we are unhappy with the path we have chosen or are given. We all wish to make a change, yet we never seem to stand up to our leaders and change this; we follow the cultural norms even if we don’t like or understand them. The basis of this idea is out of fear of the unknown. People tend to be afraid of that which they have not experienced; an oxymoronic device negating our obligation to discover and innovate.…show more content…
It is their wont to always have a consistent pattern of doing things, and to change that routine is considered almost taboo. One of the most dangerous collections of words in the english language is “we’ve always done things this way.” Those who speak these words will inevitably live a life of oppression and subjugation. If you never think about why you do something and only do it because that is what you are taught, you are living life as a slave to your predecessors ideology. People need to examine their reasons for doing something and determine if that is really the best course of

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