Persuasive Essay On Laser Surgery

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How many of you know what laser surgery is? Perhaps, you have heard of this, but today lets learn about this procedure. The definition for laser eye surgery is, surgery used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. Lasik surgery is an outpatient procedure, and there is no overnight stay.

Before you begin any kind of surgery it is beneficial you speak to your eye doctor. Set up an appointment to see what kind of laser surgery would be right for you. This will give the doctor an opportunity to see if you qualify for this type of a procedure. If you the patient are not qualified to receive this type of surgery the doctor can write

you a prescription and see perhaps if there is another kind
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Lasik is one of different surgical procedures used to reshape the cornea.

The process of having this surgery done is quite simple. The surgery can take up to 15 minutes. There are many advantages to having laser surgery. One example would be that it works it does correct vision. Another plus is that in most cases there is very little pain because it uses numbing drops on the eye. The process is quick, and the vision is corrected almost immediately after Lasik. Another example would be there are no bandages or stitches for this type of surgery. Another plus that patient’s consider an advantage is the reduction in eyeglass and contact lens usage. Some patients after the surgery may never need to use them again.

However, with advantages, come disadvantages as well. One example would be changes cannot be reversed to the cornea after the Lasik. Also, Lasik is technically complex, problems that can occur is when the doctor creates a flap, this can permanently affect vision. There is that
50/50 chance it may not work as planned. Although this very rarely happens, but in some cases
Lasik can cause loss of best vision. This means that your degree of vision to reach its highest is achieved by wearing the glasses or
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The surgery is basically the same as the other, but this one is to treat glaucoma. During surgery, the eye is numbed so there is little or no pain. Then the doctor holds a special beam to the eye, this is a bright light, like a camera flash. There are many types of surgeries to treat glaucoma, but the main one we will learn about is Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT). This is a treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma. The laser bean in this case is used to open the fluid channels of the eye, help the drainage system and in many cases medication may be needed. Usually half of the fluid channels are treated first. The other half in most cases can be done during the same visit. This method prevents over correction and has a success rate of 75% of patients being treated successfully to lower eye pressure. The procedures in both cases are simple with very little complications, check and see
What may or may not work for you. This surgery began in 1985, but became more popular during the 2000s. This is a procedure that does not take all day, but it would be advisable to bring someone with you so
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