Persuasive Essay On Juvenile Crime

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Juvenile crime rates have only been increasing year after year. But have you ever wondered what could be causing these kids to be committing such bad crimes and think it’s okay? But in reality it is the parents fault for how their children are exposed at home. This shocking statistic states (National Institute of Justice) “In 2008, an estimated 60% of children in the United States were exposed to violence, crime, or abuse in their homes, schools, and communities within the past year. Approximately 46% were assaulted at least once in the past year and 10% were injured in an assault.” After you read this quote it shouldn’t surprise you that the children who are raised in homes with violence are usually more inclined to violence and committing…show more content…
But what exactly are they? Peter Clarke (2015) explains “Parental accountability laws are laws that some states use to hold parents legally responsible for crimes committed by their children. These laws are based on a number of theories including: parents have a legal duty to prevent their children from committing crimes, and parental responsibility accountability is an effective way to decrease juvenile crime rates.” These are laws that were made for the good of children. Most parents understand some very important laws such as attending school and curfew. Deborah England states “Some parental responsibility laws hold parents legally accountable for allowing their children to engage in conduct that would not be illegal if done by an adult, such as skipping school (truancy) or breaking curfew laws.” These small laws are important to enforce in a home because they are reasonable and are to make sure the child is taken care of. The National Institute of Justice shares “Violent crime committed by juveniles peaks during the after school hours. Nearly one-third (29%) of all violent crime committed by juveniles occurs between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.” This fact displays that if you don’t set a curfew for your child right after school if they have been known to not make the right decisions, it should be blamed on the parents for being negligent. The parent needs to make these decisions to keep their child out of harm. These laws were made for a reason, and that’s to get parents to realize they have control over their kids life, but they just decide not to. If the parent does not follow these laws there are a set of punishments they have to
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