Persuasive Essay On Junk Food

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Hunger and malnutrition are a problem everywhere although, not everyone has access to nutritious foods. The convenience of junk food is tempting to consume, although people don’t realize what they are putting in their bodies. Junk food is everywhere, although location has to do with your diet. People who have more access to healthy foods may not be as tempted to putting junk in their bodies. There is a lack of access to healthy foods because no transportation, the location, low income, or simply too busy. With more exposure to healthier foods and reasonable prices the number of serious health conditions will lower because of people having a healthier diet. A “food desert” is when nutritious food is not available or affordable in an area.…show more content…
Food stamps is a card that the government gives to people with low income monthly. I understand not having enough jobs to have to live off food stamps, but so many people purchase junk food. So many people so and buy chips, pop, heat up dinners and candy right when they get their money the first of the month. Later in the month people are starving with barely any money to buy anything filling. I think that people with food stamps should buy healthier foods that are available than always relying on junk food to feed their…show more content…
It is possible for the human body to become dependent to junk food just like a drug addiction. The body constantly is craving the sugary and processed junk. So many people rely on junk food because of the easy access with busy lives and are unable to prepare a healthy meal. Despite the quickness of junk food, their low prices are triggering to the high consumption. People with a low income are more likely to purchase junk food because of the quantity they are able to get with low prices. When purchasing a bottled water, it is much cheaper than a can of soda, which encourages to choose soda over the healthier choice. In places where water quality is bad people probably choose soda over spending more money on a bottle of water, which is terribly bad for the bodies health over
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