Persuasive Essay On Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player to play on the professional level, he was fearless, courageous, willful and strong. He was an advocate for civil rights, as well as a great baseball player. He had to try to keep quiet, and keep to himself while playing, but became a stronger and more extreme advocate over time. A leader on and off the fields dealing with much more than just baseball, he also had to deal with the criticism and racial tensions of a prominently white game. Branch Rickey, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was a showman who knew how to make money and fame in baseball “he had made a fortune for the cardinals as well as himself, and black talent could argument his bottom line by transforming his struggling dodgers into a power house” (Zeiler, 17). He wanted to make his team great by any means possible. He put his eyes on Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson changed the game and the world, and will always be a huge figure in baseball and civil rights. Jackie Robinson was…show more content…
he soared in the game of baseball, and is in the hall of fame. His legacy lives on in many Americans hearts and in baseball. A strong man on and off the field. A courageous man to break down the color barrier, and to continue it after his days in sports were over. Fearless in a way he would never give up on baseball or his passion to see African Americans to succeed, in a time where blacks were pushed from away from prosperity and success. The owner of the dodgers Branch Rickey, also contributed to the movement. Without him much of how we see the history, and baseball today might not be the same. He chose Jackie and started an uprising in blacks in baseball. The name Jackie Robinson won’t be soon forgotten, and he marks a big change to American history. Fighting for the game of baseball, and fighting for what he believed
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