Persuasive Essay On Inequality Among Us

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Inequality Amongst Us What does inequality mean to you? Is it a means for people who live paycheck to paycheck just wanting to be living like others, or is it just a word? Equality is a word, and a strong one at that. Maybe even a stronger one than inequality is. Not being equal can be seen through many different eyes and races throughout the world. The fight for equal rights will always remain. Equality is thought of by many when thinking about America, the land of the free. Equality is more of a goal, not something you’re born with. It’s a fight that you strive to win just to be equal as those around you whether it be for good or worse. Equality is almost like a luxury, though no matter where you stand there’s going to be someone, whether higher or lower, that doesn’t treat you that way. You could be the richest and the poor will see you do not deserve it. You could be poor and the rich will not even look at you.…show more content…
Social media has a big play in this day’s talk. Many times you turn on the television and you see the crimes, the debates, and the movements. As you grow older you learn you are not equal. As Tressie McMillan states “life isn’t fair little girl.” (McMillan). Social media will tell you the many things you need to be better or the things you need to buy in order to be “in” this season. From my view I see the boy in school who has all the new shoes but he comes from a poor family. He saves for those shoes so on that first day he can fit in and be welcomed. The very corrupt visions the media portray affect us all, rich or poor, as we just try to portray ourselves better than the next. We are told no more than to be ourselves but society also tells us that’s not enough. We feed them what they want and they are making money off people who feel like they have to spend their last penny on shoes or a handbag just to appear
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