Persuasive Essay On Inclusion

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According to Spring (2016), inclusion is the integration of children with disabilities into regular classrooms. Full Inclusion refers to the inclusion of all children with disabilities. (p. 134) Inclusion is challenging in many ways for teachers and students alike. It can also be frustrating. It is not for everyone even though everyone is put in that situation at one time or another. General Education children in lower grades, ie., K-3 accept most relationships and those with disabilities are accepted. The Gen Ed students respond to those with special needs and readily befriend them because after all they are just like everyone else. Inclusion requires much planning, and an enourmous amount of collaboration throughout the year. This collaboration is not only between teachers and building staff, but also inclusive of parents, family members and communities. Among the challenges are differences in learning styles, levels of learning, adhereing to the IEP of each special ed student and various…show more content…
I will collaborate with the support staff in the building, families and plan daily activities to bring the vision of inclusion to my classrooms vision of success. I’ll lead small groups that are comprised of Special needs and general education students working to improve specific needs. When planning classroom duties all students will be assigned different jobs at the beginning of the week. Each student will be Special Student of the day at some point throughout the year. When Support Staff comes in the room to work with those in special education, they will pull general education students with prior approval in the group so that the special education student isn’t singled out. Every student in my r room will be included in sharing family activities with the class and take on the responsibility of line

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