Persuasive Essay On Incarceration

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Incarceration leaves a lasting mark on your identity and changes who you are. A mark the is not only results from losing some of the precious time you have been given, and from discarding all of the plans and expectations you had for your life, but an altogether different mark. There is a mark that is left as the indelible stain of who you become as a result of being incarcerated. It is the not-so-easily erased mark of personal experience. Have you ever stopped to wonder exacting what type of an individual the prison system in America is producing? Or how the futures of these individuals are being decided by what they experience while they are incarcerated. Most people, unless they have been incarcerated themselves, or have experienced…show more content…
The truth is that rehabilitative programs are disappearing at an alarming rate across our country, leaving in their wake, higher crime rates and unsafe communities that are socially and economically bankrupting our country one state at a time. The problems and issues that lead to criminal behavior in offenders are spilling back over into our communities, and this unfortunate set of circumstances should give everyone in America a personal stake in the matter and a personal interest in rectifying the…show more content…
Since prison is the place where offenders will be released from to rejoin their communities, my question is: Why are statistically proven and cost effective rehabilitative programs not being made available for offenders like me? For example, I would be more than willing to take personal responsibility for developing my competencies that would help me become a productive member of my community after I am released, if these programs were actually made available to me. If the department’s mission is to provide a system for delivering consistent and effective programs and interventions that would meet the needs of offenders, then where are these programs at my
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