Persuasive Essay On Immigration Policy

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Throughout America’s history, there has been a large number of immigrants of many different backgrounds. Diversity is something that we Democrats embrace, however we must also acknowledge that alterations must be made to our immigration policy. We do not want to exclude anyone out of a country we are trying to make more effective and better economically wise, therefore improving our immigration system will not only help those who want an opportunity to live in the U.S but those living here already. The process of becoming a United States citizen costs $680 per individual. For those who plan to bring their families over from across the border or overseas, it can cost a few thousand dollars. Last fiscal year (October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2013), our border control officers apprehended over 420,000 people attempting to enter the United States illegally. Although there are illegal immigrants who already reside here, we want to prevent a dramatic increase in that existing number. We will focus more on giving a greater opportunity and a simpler, more effective procedure for those who wish to become citizens. To begin with, we will create an incentive to allow legal immigration and not have illegal measures at hand. We are looking to allow our immigration policy to focus on increasing our economy by looking for ways to grant more immigrants with advanced education levels that are needed by many domestic employers. We will allow legal immigration to grow in a safe and more successful way by suggesting to auction permits to employers that have demand-based minimum prices at only those costs. With this, we could raise the public revenues and create a market for permits making sure that immigrants will arrive with employment. The prices au...

... middle of paper ... is a granted citizenship application as simple as retaking a citizenship test and paid taxes. This gives them the opportunity to stay in the U.S for a long period of time and expand their future to that equivalent of a citizen. Our goal is to improve the U.S economy by getting rid to close of all illegal immigration and give everyone an equal opportunity granted by the United States of America. With careful precautions, we will be able to grant citizenship to those who follow the regulations and requirements of our policy with close to no hassle.
The process of citizenship can be sped up by providing more funding to the departments that handle the citizenships. If more money was put into the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and the money was used to hire more employees, it could speed up the pace it would take to acquire citizenship.
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