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Every year, more Americans graduate from high school and continue to college, causing there to be empty slots in the lower end jobs. Meaning that undocumented immigrants occupy the secondary segment jobs because they lack educational backgrounds. Twenty-four percent of undocumented workers are found in the secondary sector. With only one goal, to provide for their families without caring for their social standing among society. They fill jobs such as meat packing plants, vegetable and fruit plantations, and other heavy duty jobs if anything is currently filling empty spots that are up for demand in the workforce. Therefore, it is important that those immigrants can gain a legal status, with a new or modified immigration reform. This would help …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that undocumented immigrants occupy the secondary segment jobs because they lack educational backgrounds. they fill jobs such as meat packing plants, vegetable and fruit plantations and other heavy duty jobs.
  • Opines that immigration reform would protect and enforce fair treatment of both undocumented and native-born peers. exploitative employers hire large amounts of immigrants, knowing that immigrants are afraid to ask for a higher pay or even report their supervisors for mistreatment.
  • Opines that the flow of undocumented immigrants entering the us is a sign of the broken system.
  • Explains that there are two types of family-based immigration, the immediate family, and the family preference system.
  • Explains that immigrants do not display an economic burden to the united states. they pay an estimated $11.64 billion a year in taxes.
  • Explains that president bush's council in 2007 concluded that undocumented immigrants contribute about $80,000 per person a year when paying taxes, and are unable to claim benefits offered to native-born.
  • Explains that for some undocumented immigrants going to college is not an option, simply because of their legal status. however, years later, they were granted the daca, or deferred action for childhood arrivals.
  • Explains that president obama created a new policy called deferred action for childhood arrivals for certain undocumented children that came to the u.s.
  • Explains that some states have implemented the daca opportunity, but others continue to make it even harder for undocumented immigrants to gain a higher education past high school.
  • Narrates how brizzia and maria, with the help of their father's sacrifices, could both be the first twin valedictorians at douglas high school during the spring of 2014.
  • Explains that the united states is a nation built by immigrants, especially in the south. mexicans account for more than half of the undocumented immigrants that enter the us illegally.
  • Explains that many of ireland's population came to the united states in the 1840s. the industrial revolution brought more immigrants as the business grew rapidly with a huge source of income.
  • Opines that a strong immigration reform that would benefit both undocumented immigrants and native-born peers would put such comments to an end.
  • Concludes that there are several arguments that punish undocumented immigrants that enter the united states illegally, but there is a lot of evidence that supports immigrants being granted an opportunity to gain residence.

An enormous reason to why immigrants enter the US illegally is because the process to obtain a visa to enter the country legally is broken. Under the current legal system, only a few people can apply for any type of visa, the ones with family members that currently reside in the United States legally, and contain both a legal standing and have a high enough annual income to support them, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Leaving no other choice for some immigrants than to enter the United States …show more content…

from Mexico. There are two types of family-based immigration, immediate family, and the family preference system. The immediate family must meet certain criteria to be able to come to the United States. This criterion must contain the family to either be a spouse of a U.S. citizen, unmarried or minor children under the age of 21, or a parent of a U.S. citizen. The family preference system criteria include adult children and brothers and sisters of a U.S. citizen, or spouses and unmarried children of Lawful Permanent

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