Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Throughout History, the term “illegal immigrants” has been portrayed as a major turbulence in our country, which in reality they are bolstering our economy. I believe it is a natural right for a person to be recognized as a human being with aspirations, and the capability to participate in society, and be provided with the means to accomplish financial stability into a reality; unfortunately this is literally economically unachievable in a country such as Mexico. I am quite certain that the quantity of “illegal immigrant” deaths would significantly decline and our financial system would prosper, if immigrants were given a more practical opportunity to enter our great nation legally. An opportunity for these individuals to live in the Unites States of America is their ultimate dream to achieve for the good of their family, but immigration laws have affected their attempts to fulfill it; this problem needs a solution not only for our nation but worldwide.…show more content…
Tons of jobs needed employers at low pay wages during World War II, which required Americans to recruit Mexican immigrants at a time of dire need. Time passed and so forth, the American economy was stabilized, but all contributions of Mexican immigrants were ignored; sadly it is so hypocritical for the United States to think they got through a recession without any help. Most Americans believe in the idea that illegal immigrants are the reason why jobs have become so diminutive and have become our nation’s biggest threat. From my perspective, I see illegal immigrants taking advantage of the jobs that Americans refuse which in result enhances our financial

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