Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigration

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In today’s society there are a number of issues that may affect a number of Americans. One issue that is a big topic in today’s society is the issue of Illegal Immigration. Whether we should grant illegal’s driver’s licenses, amnesty, deport them, how it affects the U.S. economically, and some might even consider them as terrorists. Those are just a few topics that we may hear being brought up. It is possible to see this touchy subject on television, or it may be a debate at school, or you may read about it in the newspaper. It is a subject that catches alot of peoples’ attention and some might not even care to touch on the subject because of the repercussion.
What is Illegal Immigration? ”Generally, the term "illegal immigrant" refers to a person from another country who is presently in the United States without authorization to remain here. This includes anybody who is here intending to stay permanently or temporarily. It also includes anybody whose visa is not current. Sometimes people enter without permission (sneaking across a border, for example), but many people do enter with a visa, but then the visa expires and the person continues to remain in the country.
There are many reasons why an illegal immigrant would like to come to the United States. It could be to get a better job to support their family or to get a better education. There are pros and cons to Illegal immigration. One of the pros is that Illegal immigrants contribute to the tax system by paying sales tax. Also, Illegal immigrants who purchase real estate properties also pay real estate taxes. In return, this generates commissions for the agents and brokers. In addition, since the illegal immigrants enjoy the banking services of the country, they pay inter...

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...t to come legally to do the jobs Americans don’t want, but our broken immigration system does not allow that to happen. If there were legal channels for these migrants to use. The government could concentrate on identifying the real terrorists. Instead, the government is wasting money and manpower trying to keep out the immigrant workers the U.S. economy needs. That makes the job of finding a terrorist like finding a needle in a haystack.
Topics such as terrorist threats, DLs, burden on our economy, deportation, amnesty and the term Illegal Immigrant are just a few topics that people often consider when taking on the subject of Illegal Immigration. So whether you are for or against it, that is your opinion. As for me, as long they are not out committing serious crimes or hurting anyone and are trying to do better for themselves and their families, just let them be.