Persuasive Essay On Hybrid Cars

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According to Union of Concerned Scientists, one gallon of gas of a regular car releases twenty-four pounds of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. Extracting petroleum, making and importing gas causes five pounds of the twenty-four pounds of carbon-dioxide that is released. Most of the emitted gases comes from the tailpipe that causes more than nineteen pounds per gallon. Pollution add up fast. Each year a regular car emits six tons of dioxide in the atmosphere, about three times the vehicle weight. With Hybrid cars the U.S can reduce the amount of pollution going to the atmosphere by a lot. People in the U.S should buy more hybrid cars for a better and cleaner environment. Hybrid cars are give less pollution, use less gas, and have a lot of benefits.
People can save a lot of money with Hybrid cars because they use less gas. Hybrid cars’ average mileage is thirty - nine miles per gallon. Regular cars’ are about twenty - seven miles per gallon. Hybrid cars use less gas than a regular car going the same distance. A hybrid car gets five miles per gallon better mileage on average than a regular car. Because hybrid cars run in part on different fuel sources, they do not need to be filled up with gasoline that much. (Roos) In average people buy 510 gallons of gas in a year with a normal car. With a hybrid they will save 218 gallons and save about $763. (Rose)
Hybrid Cars have benefits if bought. The American government wants people to use cleaner energy for a cleaner environment, so they put special taxes and rebates for users of hybrid and electric cars. If a hybrid car is bought, he will get $3500 back. ("Compelling") People now want to save money by buying hybrid cars. So Honda and Toyota increases the resale prices. So if people are...

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...sive to buy at first, but hybrid cars will save them a lot of money on gas. Overtime the amount they will be saving will show and they will be surprise once they compare how much they saved to how much money they would have used on a normal car. Even though they are expensive, they are much better for the environment. With everyone driving regular cars it is killing the atmosphere, but if everyone get hybrids that will lessen the damage by a ton.
Hybrid Cars have a lot of benefits to the people. Hybrid Cars are essential for people to have in the U.S for a better environment. They produced less gas for a cleaner environment. They will save the owner a lot of money that they can use on something else. There are many benefits hybrid cars have. Everyone needs hybrid cars to lessen the damage to the atmosphere before there is too much damage that it can not be fixed.
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