Persuasive Essay On Hunting

When the universe was created, God created some resources so that the primitive human being could use to survive. One of these resources was animals. They were hunted for their meat and their fur at that time. Any resources when being misused or even used extensively, they become exposed to extinction. In that early life there have been no rules for hunting and the population was not that large at that time. Nowadays, hunting is not used only for the sack of survival, but it is taken as a matter of leisure for some people. Excessive hunting endangers some animals and birds to the level of extinction. The only way to help the survival of these animals among us is to call for a law to be enacted that can regulate hunting. These laws would help in restoring the equilibrium of nature.

Excessive hunting interferes in the life cycle of animals and threatens the serenity of these animals. Some studies say that aerial hunters, those who hunt from planes or helicopters, might cause the hunted prey to suffer more than once causing them some injuries before shooting them to death. The sound of gunfire used to hunt scares those animals and deteriorates animal family units, for instance, the sound of a gunfire may lead mothers leaving their newly born animals starving. The dogs used in one of the methods of hunting are left in poor conditions all year until the hunting seasons. Trophy hunting is one of the cruelest and useless images of hunting where the hunter usually aims to hunt a prey, taking the head of the prey to win the game, leaving the rest of the body for vultures. The trash that hunters leave behind may cause animals to choke. (Wildlife and exotic animals, National Humane Education Society, 2009)

Some studies spotted the ef...

... middle of paper ... can be threatening if used excessively and without monitoring. The equilibrium state of nature can be dismantled if hunters continued their random acts of hunting without any regulations that systemize and revive the balance this universe was created with. Awareness campaigns should be done to raise the hunters’ awareness and highlight the outcome of the excessive hunting and the extinction of rare species of mammals, bird, fish, and reptiles. Animal right organizations must assist in the regeneration of threatened species that are about to get extinct, by gathering statistics and calling for isolated places in which such animals can be put safely until rebreeding. The hunting regulations should be imposed worldwide and a penalty should be set for all those who take the matter carelessly. Hopefully, by following such guidelines, we can restore nature balance.

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