Persuasive Essay On Human Trafficking

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Now, that I have gone over some of the many ways in which the traffickers use technology to their advantage we must not overlook the fact that advancement in Technological have also provided unprecedented opportunities for law enforcement and service providers to monitor illicit activity, locate and rescue victims, collect and analyze data leading to the prosecution of traffickers. I will list a few of the best online technological advances that work in the fight to end human trafficking. The CyberTipline is a great example of an organization that is doing its part in this fight. It is operated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). By “using hardware, software, and programming assistance donated by Sun MicroSystems,…show more content…
Traffickers and potential purchasers of trafficking victims are increasingly using Internet websites, social media, and many other forms of technology to recruit and sell women and children into the sex trade. The rise of these forms of technology has given the ability for those who use computer systems to exploit women and children a way that they can conduct their illicit business while remaining hidden from law enforcement agencies. The borderless nature of the Internet allows criminals to exploit women and children from around the world, without regard to domestic law or domestic law enforcement. On the other hand, the internet and social media can be powerful positive forces in the hands of the right people and organizations. Technology can and is used by law enforcement to rescue victims of human trafficking and by service providers to increase awareness of the issue and use the Internet and other technologies to combat human trafficking. We must continue to be ever vigilant in the fight against human trafficking, never forget that if we stand by and do nothing, then we are only allowing this horrendous crime to grow and flourish. The internet has provided us with a unique opportunity to combat human trafficking in ways that were never possible before and has made joining the movement to end modern slavery easier than ever. It has also opened new and fighting dangers as well, many of which are hard to fight against, yet we must be prepared to do our part whenever and wherever we can. Whether the technology is an ally or an enemy to the practice of human trafficking is a question remains to be answered. What we do know is that technology in and of itself is not destructive or dangerous to humanity; indeed, the

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