Persuasive Essay On How To Overcome Obstacles

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Obstacles can be someone’s downfall or they can also be ones upbringing joy. An obstacle will show someone’s strength. The only thing holding one back from overcoming their obstacle is themselves. Because all obstacles can be overcame with a little hope and faith. Your mind and body is always physically able to prevail. The main question for oneself is. Are you able to overcome the obstacle or are you going to let it hold you back from your success? Everyone goes through hundreds of obstacles in their lifetime. My most recent obstacle happened earlier this year. A friend and I were riding around on four-wheelers, enjoying the muddy ground. We had been riding for a good hour when we decided to discuss what to do next. We had decides to either…show more content…
I felt like it wasn’t reality but only a bad dream. I arrived at the hospital around 5:00pm; where they put my leg in a splint and scheduled a surgery time of noon for the next day. I was moved to a hospital room at about 1:00am and told to get some rest for my big day ahead of me. I awoke the next day to a nurse coming in to prepare me for surgery. She had told my mom they would be determining if they would install a rod or if they would do halo on my leg in the surgery room due to the extent of my leg injury. Right before surgery an anesthesiologist came in and gave me numbing blocks and anesthesia. Around 3 hours later I woke up from surgery. When I had woken up I was transported back to my room and offered dinner. I ate dinner and fell right back to sleep. At 6:00am the nurse came in to check my vitals. The numbing blocks had worn off and all the pain was rising to a 10 on the 10 point scale. They gave me more medication and tried to dull the pain. Later that day I met with physical therapy on training me with crutches. Also that day the doctor had told me I could go home on Wednesday if I had been able to and felt okay. I began to get excited to leave the next day and go…show more content…
But I will not let this bump in my path stop me from getting to my goals and dreams. It may have impacted a coach’s response on letting me join cross country. But I will overcome the past and I will try to be the best that I can be this upcoming track season. I will prevail and make my goal of a 7 minute mile this Christmas. I cannot let a broken leg push me down; I must push and make sure I can make a marvelous comeback after having this injury. My mind and my body is always physically able to prevail. All I have to do is allow it to do what it is able to do bye positive thinking and a little
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