Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

The Truth behind Home-Education
Parent-led education has been around for a millennium, at least, but did you know that up until the early ‘80s the institution of homeschooling was illegal in most of United States? Today, however, we know that it is not only legal, but the number of student’s enrolled ranges from 1.1 to 2 million. Even though it’s one of the fastest growing forms of education, there are still many misconceptions of homeschooling. Generally people feel as though the students are more sheltered and are missing out on sports and other social activities. Not only is that but the curriculum looked down upon. However, when a closer look is taken we find that these students tend score higher on standardized tests, excel in college due in large part to being socially and emotionally prepared, are provided with a better home life, and environment for learning.
Standardized test scores are one of the first things that a College Admissions Officer will look at when determining which students they will accept into their school. Two of the most common standardized tests are the ACTs (American College Testing) and SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Statistics show that students who are homeschooled tend to score higher on these tests. Students who have attended a traditional public school generally score within the 50th percentile. However students that have been homeschooled, on average, are scoring drastically higher, between the 65th and 80th percentile. In fact, several colleges think so highly of home-educated students they have been actively pursuing and recruiting them for years. Research also shows that not only are home-educated students academically prepared, but they are also socially and emotionally prepared as well.

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Homeschooling has been proved time and time again as being a legitimate alternative to public schools. There is always an exception to every rule, always room for improvement and nothing is every black and white. Are there concerns and lose ends to home-educating our children? Of course, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons. We have seem that students who are home-educated thrive no only on their test scores but in college and life in general. Children need to feel safe and they need good, attentive parents, and hands on parents, so why are we criticizing and chastising these parents who we can obviously learn something from? Society as a whole has been programmed to believe that being different or thinking a different way is a bad thing. However as parents and individuals ourselves is that the legacy we want to leave behind for other generations to come?

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