Persuasive Essay On Homeless Children

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A cold, hungry child, emaciated, roaming the cold, dark streets looking for some dilapidated shelter to rest of the only terrifying, lonely world they know. Grime and dirt layer her face, every layer telling of one more day of uncertainty. Clothing tattered, and worn, paper thin, holes brazen as skin is exposed. The heartbreaking image of America 's homeless youth.Image Choosing to be homeless is not a right of any child. Childhood is a time for growth and wonder. No child should ever have to wonder what, where and when a meal comes from, or how they will keep warm from day to day. We as an American people must ask ourselves, can we give these children a fighting chance to succeed and prosper, as we want for our very own children. We can eliminate the population of homeless children and create a bright future for our country and future generations…show more content…
This seems to be a circular problem that needs to made linear. How must homeless families bring in money from paying jobs with no childcare. Many families have to relocate to cities and regions across the country, that have available jobs with no family to help with childcare. Stable childcare provides children with a safe and stable environment. A nurturing, safe zone for children with elevated stress due to the fact they are homeless. Quite obviously, it provides parents the opportunity to find jobs and keep them to provide for their children keeping them off the streets. Funneling federal money into this program will not only cut otherwise wasted money from proven, unnecessary programs for the homeless that do not work. Such as short term shelters, and money vouchers that lead to surges in homeless E.R. visits, jails, prisons, TANF, and food stamps an expensive and unnecessary taxpayer expense. One could argue in transition from on the streets to finding a home often times the daycare is a homeless child 's only

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