Persuasive Essay On Homeless Children

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When most people think about what kind of people are homeless, they often think of a shabbily dressed, elder male sitting in the front of a random doorway, with a wine bottle in a brown paper bag. However, homelessness for the past years has begun to be more visible. Homeless children are portrayed in welfare and academic literature as a category of "children at risk." Whatever happens in early childhood can affect a child 's lifetime. In young children, the results are harsh. Stress can result from major trauma, which can weaken the developing brain and lead to lifelong problems. Homelessness is becoming more known as a worldwide problem affecting countries with no regard to economical superiority. Children are the ones affected by: substance…show more content…
Children are deprived of basic necessities for life, education, and health. Children end up on the streets for numerous reasons, which are rooted within the family’s instabilities and poverty. Living on the streets has proven to be treacherous for children that don 't have a place to call home. The experience of homelessness inhibits physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavior development on the children. Some ways to decrease the number of homeless children would be supporting programs that are dedicated to helping children. These programs well then target parents in ways like: supporting with housing stability, helping them receive benefits from the governor, and mentoring children to ensure that they receive physical, mental, and special educational resources to which they are…show more content…
House charities takes in children including families that are in need of basic necessities. Providing them a room that includes a private bathroom, phone line, and beds. Other things provided to them are: meals, school for siblings and patients, and family-driven services due to extensive length that they stay. Patients also receive medical and dental assistance. Over 4,000 homeless families were treated with care and respect last year. There are 350 Ronald Mcdonald Houses, 195 RM family rooms and RM case mobiles. There are also 305,000 volunteers and staff members. Many children are alone, but do not realize that there are organizations like these that are available for

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