Persuasive Essay On Higher Education

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When my grandfather arrived in this country from Greece as a teenager, there was a strong educational concentration on learning a skill and getting to work. This was the case for many young people back then who were not either wealthy enough, or smart enough, to attend college. In recent generations, there has been a push for young people to go onto higher education. There is a school of thought who says that there are too many young people attending higher education and that the job market would be better served by a greater focus on vocational training.

Because trade schools and high school trade classes such as auto repair and wood shop have disappeared from the class lineup, resulting in skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians
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Providing vocational education at the high school level would provide an alternate career path to one-half of the student population who have chosen not to go to college. Research evidence reflects Some students are more mechanically inclined or artistic and would benefit more from an apprenticeship. According to the Department of Labor, there are only 500,000 registered apprentices; however, further research indicates that a substantial number of partner programs strongly recommend establishing training programs to meet their needs for skilled workers.…show more content…
Some students are more suited to follow the academic path, and in some cases required if pursuing a professional career such as a teacher, doctor or lawyer. There is a mindset that after receiving a degree job opportunities will magically appear with high paying jobs which in turn will pay off the mound of student debt acquired to achieve that degree. According to, the high cost of an in-state public university degree (with housing), if completed in four years, averages about $79,000.

The reality is one-fifth of all students who borrow to pay for a college dropout, and nearly one in five who drop out leave only after accumulating $20,000 in debt. (Hamm) Given the skyrocketing college costs, some argue that vocational education is a good alternative. On average, a vocational training program takes two years to complete, and as a result, the skilled workers enter the workforce at least two years earlier than the traditional university
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