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Healthy living is a term that in itself is hypocritical. In order to live, one must die, which in my opinion is very unhealthy. No matter what a person does they can not escape dying at the end of their life. That is why healthy living does not simply mean avoiding soda, or exercising for hours on end; it means to enjoy one’s life in all that one does, not sacrificing too much to the vices of this world, but also enjoying this world while one is living. Nothing is truly healthy in this world; today’s superfood is tomorrow’s carcinogen, but to live the healthiest life possible one needs balance of their lifestyle. Many trainers and nutritionists will assure you that the best way to live is to listen to them. This will clearly show that there…show more content…
The meaning of anything and everything in this world is up to debate because of the differences between cultures, regions, and types of people cohabitating this planet. None of them have a solid “correct” form to live a healthy life, but with combined knowledge from many walks of life, it is possible to attain the powerful knowledge to enjoy that elusive healthy life. Travel is not typically a consideration within the health spectrum of a human being, but it has much more to deal with human well-being than many doctors will let on. Seeing the world will not drop ten pounds in two weeks, but what it will do, is broaden people’s perspectives on this world. It opens the mind into seeing how other people live, how the world functions, and viewing the raw natural beauty of undisturbed nature. Humans are of this earth and will return to it one day: it is important to understand where we come from and will eventually go, to maintain a healthy mentality. Now this may sound like the healthiest way to live life is to drop all worldly possessions and become a hippie traveling in a 1974 VW van, meeting all types of people; and that may be, it also may not be. Living healthy is like one of those college classes in which the only correct answer is to question; there is no definitive answer to be healthy, it is what best fits you. Traveling broadens horizons to open the possibilities of changing unhealthy lifestyles of under-traveled persons, allowing them to attain one of the thousands of possible healthy lives able to be

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