Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control in the United States has become a big controversial topic that has affected millions of Americans families due to firearms. Firearms that have taken the lives of many innocent civilians in the hands of criminals or individuals that harm others for different reasons. It is harsh to see what America is going through due to gun violence. Kids, elders, men, and women getting killed with firearms intentionally and accidentally. If we go back to history, firearms were created for different reason. For example, the Founding Fathers of the United States won the freedom with guns; fighting the British in many battles that is how this nation was able get its liberty, fighting the Spaniards because they wanted to steal gold, and fighting Native…show more content…
There are some individuals who are innocent and a due to difficult circumstances, they become criminals. Firearms cannot be used by its own sake; the only way they can kill, is by an individual holding the trigger; because it is people that kill people. Gun leads to violence and gives power to others. Every single state, within the United States should advocate to create more laws that can restrict in some way the use of firearms to prevent the increasing rate of gun violence across the country.
We as citizens need to understand that guns are not for everyone to use. There are certain people that just cannot be around guns or have a gun with them because they can harm someone intentionally or accidentally due to the loss of self-control. There are people that are not responsible enough to handle a gun. I believe that having a gun should be like saving money and using that money in case of an emergency; you do not touch it for anything that is not worth it. You only touch it in a situation that you feel is needed. That is the way firearms should be used, you don’t use it unless something bad is happening or you feel that your life is being threatened. The reason the
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However, in the society we live in, there are always people that think that having a gun brings and promotes more violence into the communities and also that is a bad influence for the children that grow in that type of environment. The government should make gun control laws more restrictive, although I think that not even if they pass legislations regarding gun violence, there will still exist crimes involving firearms the percentage of this acts of violence may decrease. Gun violence make us question if police officers are they really doing their job? I consider that not all of them are doing their jobs well, there has been a lot of cases of police officers killing innocent people for no reason. Right now, in the United States of America, we have many cases involving police brutality. It is sad because police officers should be protecting those people from criminals; not killing the people that they should be protecting. It is reasonable that many police officers are afraid of getting shoot or killed to death. But that is what they had decided to do in order to protect society, then they should do it. People do not join the Army because they were forced, they wanted to protect their country from terrorists and from any threat that wants to harm American citizens. We’ve seen on the news police officers killing innocent people because they are afraid for their lives, so they rather kill whom ever, even
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