Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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It has become normal for people to see the words “mass shooting” in headlines. Orlando, Minnesota, UCLA, Dallas, Connecticut, and so many other places were all events I was too afraid to read about because it broke my heart to witness and read about the people who were hurt by people who abused their right to own a gun. I knew people in at least three locations I read about. I had to text and call my family and friends to make sure no one was killed. It was amazing that no one I knew was injured and my heart aches for those other people that lost their lives. It is disheartening to see “mass shooting” on the Internet, and it is not okay to turn the other away anymore. There have been many opinions on the issue of gun control. Some believe that more gun laws will bring down the statistics on mass shootings and others believe we should protect our right to own a gun. Gun control is not necessary because the laws being passed are precursors to much more sweeping gun control laws or an outright ban on armed citizenry in America. One good person with a gun could make shootings less worse. In Florida on July 13th 2012, a 71-year-old man named Samuel William stopped a robbery in a place called Internet Café. Two males entered the store to attempt to rob it and then Samuel…show more content…
Moreover, a person with education and training for a firearm could decrease the number of people dying, it would help the criminals and not the people, other tools such as knives or other objects are used in assaults or killings more than guns, and last but not least it is the people’s job to make sure the government does not to take all the power. More gun control laws won’t decrease shootings. We don’t need more gun control, we need action. The citizens should be allowed to protect their rights, enjoy a gun-related sport, have a gun in their home, and we shouldn’t limit firepower in case the government gains too much

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