Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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America is the one of the most well-armed nations in the world, with American citizens owning about 270 million of the world’s 875 million firearms (Marshall) In other words America owns more than a quarter of firearms in the world. However, only America has the 2nd amendment which is the right to bear arms. Since this amendment is vague, it is up for interpretation, and is often used by gun advocates to argue for lenient gun laws. Which in turn makes gun control a frequently discussed topic in American politics. Americans are faced with a major problem of violence in the streets, anyone and everyone is susceptible to violence and in many cases gun violence. In a sense it is better to have a gun and never need it rather than not having…show more content…
Private groups such as the General federation of Women’s Clubs pushed for gun control due to lawlessness of prohibition. Homicide rates nearly doubled from year to year. Newspapers often used modern day gangsters to show gun control was needed (Newhard). As of lately mental issue is becoming a huge issue concerning gun control. Most people believe limiting gun control will prevent mentally ill from “shooting up” schools. However, that is not the answer the answer is to regulate the mentally ill and have more of idea of mentally ill children and their problems (Wolf & Rosen). There have been major mass shootings recently at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. In result legislation have created policies to regulate gun control for the mentally ill. However, each of these policies suggest all mentally ill are potentially dangerous. Most policy makers do not focus on getting mentally ill more help, and ways to prevent them from going unnoticed. They rather concentrate on taking away from people who suffer from mental illness or any behavioral health issues and making doctors report to authorities if something is out of place. States such as Texas and Florida fight to keep their right to have guns for self-defense. Recent findings have shown crime rates have went down, this is because criminals are less likely to commit crime if they know the other person is armed as well (Wolf & Rosen). Drugs are illegal and people still find their way to obtain any drug they want. What will regulating gun control do? Crime rates will increase, and more people will go against such control and it will cause more problems than
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