Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun laws and gun owner regulations are absurd and mask the problem; guns are not the real issue. Guns will still be prominent regardless of whether or not the government tries to take them. Some countries with the most strict gun policies, where it is basically impossible to legally own a gun, have the highest shootings statistics. Instead of outlawing guns, people should run more strict background and mental health checks on the people buying the guns. Piers Morgan, a British journalist with his own show on CNN, argued for more gun control in the country on his last show airing. Morgan was a gun control advocate, and managed to make himself even more unpopular with a large amount of Americans. Morgan chided the National Rifle Association…show more content…
As it was stated before, it is statistically proven that the biggest gun controlling countries have the highest firearm murder rate. Citizens will still be able to access firearms, no matter what. The thing is, the majority of people that would be trying to get guns illegally after they are banned, will be the murderers and criminals of society. And banning guns would make a burglary all the more easier. It’s a proven fact, criminals tend to ignore the law. What is to stop a burglar from robbing a house, now that it is highly unlikely that the residents will not have a gun? Regular citizens have to put faith into the local authorities completely, and hope they do their job in time, which will not always happen as unfortunate as that is. “Hard facts show that gun-control laws do not actually control guns, but instead lead to more armed robberies and higher murder rates after law-abiding citizens are disarmed, then gun-control laws would be a bad idea, even if there were no Second Amendment and no National Rifle Association.” (National Review…show more content…
“Gun control opponents have long argued that the Second Amendment was put in place not just for ordinary home defense against burglars but specifically to guarantee that the nation could never be overcome by any military power foreign or domestic.” (Listverse 1). The military is not a limitless power that can be stopped by nothing. The country would be left defenceless with the military in a suffering position, and the citizens not being able to have access to firearms. Once a foreign threat defeats our military, our country would be left completely exposed without the citizens possessing guns. Currently, many households have at least one firearm in possession, which makes that household a little more able to defend against a

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