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Gun control; two words that have been fought and debated over for hundreds of years. Two words that have caused war in countries around the world. Two words that Communist and Dictatorship parties have used to disarm their own people and others for total control. Now, the United States is facing the same problem. In the twenty first century, the United States government is trying everything they have in their arsenal to win the battle for gun control. This war is waged between the two largest political parties – Democrats and Republicans. America’s only hope is that the Republicans win the war for the people who are pro-gun. Should the Democrats and the anti-gunnists win, the nation’s gun control would be strict; civil war would descend. If…show more content…
Hitler killed over thirty million. Joseph Stalin, from 1929 to1953, killed forty million (Jones 1). After the USSR fell in 1991, the number rose to seventy million. In Fascist Italy, Benito Mussolini killed three hundred thousand (Jones 3). Mao Zedong, leader of communist China killed over sixty million (Jones 1). In 1987, the number had rose to eighty million. Before and during the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh killed two hundred and fifty thousand of his own people (Jones 4). During and after the Cold War, Fidel Castro killed thirty thousand (Jones 5). Saddam Hussein, killed one million (Jones 2). By the end of the twentieth century, an estimated three hundred million people were killed by dictators and communists leaders (Jones 1). Out of all those leaders and governments, they have one element in common: each disarmed the citizens so they could not fight back. America is facing the same problem. The government wants to take away our guns, so that they can have total control over the nation. Should that come to pass, crime will rise, people will be murdered in the streets, and eventually civil war will breakout. Complete darkness would consume the…show more content…
Also, never forget that “The law only prohibits the actions of those who are law-abiding” (Behreandt 11). This leads to another big problem in the United States, which is that in some towns and big cities they have prohibited concealed-carry hand guns. For example, in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, citizens are not allowed to conceal carry in some private and public places, like movie theaters and libraries. If they would have allowed conceal-carry, James Holmes would have likely been taken out before he started shooting. In 1982, the town council of Kennesaw, Georgia, made it the law that every household must have one gun. The crime rate dropped seventy-four percent after following. The last gun related murder the town had was in 2007 (Dailykos

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