Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control
Guns can be used to control violence, Guns cause violence, Guns can ensure peace; Guns can destroy peace but should gun regulations be tightened to prevent national gun- related crimes? As the world changes and technology advances our natural born rights will never change because it is the base that holds our country together. Thereforth law-abiding citizens should be able to have guns because of the second amendment, right to insulate as long as there are more critical background checks.

If we allowed every american to carry a gun legally in public it may cause a reduction in crime because potential criminals might not follow through with their crime if the gun is not hidden. but if it is and a law is passed allowing it criminals will not know who will be carrying a firearm. David Kopel stated, “Data showing that laws allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a gun legally in public may cause reductions in crime because potential criminals do not know who might be carrying a firearm” (Kopel,”The Gun Fight”). If the United States passed a nation-wide law that all law-abiding citizens, with extensive background checks could carry their registered firearm in public and it may cause a reductions in crimes such as armed robberies and kidnapping but the most dangerous mass shooting, but what happens when pro-gun control advocates claim that guns kill people? It is the person the physical act of killing someone that is valid not the object itself. it is the persons thought of firing the gun all citizens have the natural born rights to the right to bear arms. “Opponents to gun-control laws argue guns don't kill people, people kill people” (ProQuest Staff, “At Issue”). Pro gun-control advocates ...

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... run”(Johnsson). Just think if we took away all guns from every rightful owner the nation or maybe the world would be perfect but, we can't get caught up in fairy tales from the effect of the deposition of guns new problems would arise or would the ongoing war we have with other countries. as much as many people would like guns to be demolished, lets get serious guns are here to stay and for the right reasons they protect the nation, our schools but most of all your loved ones that are apart of your life.

Like was said previously guns can control violence, Guns can cause violence, Guns can ensure peace and Guns can destroy peace. From the basis of our nation to the protection of our loved ones people need to be in the right mind set of this device and understand the responsibility to have a firearm and consequences it brings if you mistaken it.
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