Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control in general has been and still is a controversial issue in our world today. People see violence from gun usage on the news, in their neighborhoods and unfortunately sometimes they are the victims of it. Although these things are true and that violent crime does in fact involve the use or firearms, it is the people that use them to harm other people. Guns don’t kill people; People kill people.
In a peer reviewed article called, "The Impact Of Gun Control And Gun Ownership Levels On Violence Rates" it explains how there is no evidence that the availability of guns has a positive effect on violent crime rates. In fact, it says the exact opposite. The article says that the evidence from better studies have largely been negative meaning that the availability of guns has no effect on violent crime. Therefore, there is no reason to propose stricter laws on gun control because it is not effecting violent crime anyways. If they want to make any proposals they need to estimate what the real problem is behind the violent crimes and the answer is the people. We need to evaluate who should and should not own a gun because guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
It is hard to change the overall statistic of high crime rates due to firearms because each state has its own laws for usage of firearms, and rightfully so. It wouldn’t be fair to make one universal law for the usage of firearms because in some states the violent crime right is much higher than it may be in other states. For example, in a peer reviewed article called, "Mandatory Sentencing And Firearms Violence: Evaluating An Alternative To Gun Control" there was a study done in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Michigan’s Felony Firearm Statue imposed a two-year...

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...s issue, they are, but all they point out is how it is the person that we have to focus on with the gun in their hand. We need to be giving guns out to the correct people. Not people who will use it for mass murders or even a single murder.
Following this, a study done by Gary Kleck, written about in the article, “The Gun Control Debate: You Decide” showed how successful handgun bans would lead criminals to use more lethal weapons when committing a crime. This statement right there supports that it doesn’t matter what weapon is used, it is the people we need to focus on, not the firearms. We need to put the firearms in the hands of the right people who will use them for good. If we keep putting more reforms and stricter policies on guns, specifically handguns in this article, then criminals will advance to more lethal weapons that are easier to get their hands on.
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