Persuasive Essay On Government Surveillance

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Government Surveillance, such as the NSA, is one of the most controversial and complex organizations the modern world has seen. Some claim that they are there to protect America but how far do we take security until it becomes an invasion of privacy. Recently information has risen about the mass surveillance the government is doing, and how the surveillance is starting to, and has invaded the privacy of Americans. The President of the United States defended the surveillance, stating, “You can't have 100 percent security and then also have 100 percent privacy” (“Balancing”). Government surveillance programs use supercomputers that analyze massive amounts of data, and it has been said that the surveillance network can reach about 75 percent of the internet. The Idea of the government spying on citizens angers some and eases some. Supporters claim that domestic eavesdropping is crucial to ensuring the country's safety during the war on terrorism. Critics claim that the spying program is another direct affront to the public's civil liberties, since they claim it violates privacy rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. Some may think the actions the government has been doing have been unconstitutional; however that is incorrect, “in situations deemed to be emergencies, executive-branch agencies such as the NSA were entitled to eavesdrop without a warrant” (“Surveillance”). This allows the NSA to act upon any situation that might seem viable at the time. Using supercomputers, the NSA analyzes massive amounts of data including “phone calls, tweets, and social media posts” (Chuck). Recently, the government has been building a massive top-secret compound in Utah specifically for storing electronic data for the NSA. This “1.5-million-... ... middle of paper ... calls or electronic communications” by having surveillance operations without oversight from the courts, the government “is breaking the law and exercising unchecked executive power”(“Surveillance”). This allows the NSA to be able to track anyone at any time, it is just not unconstitutional but it is also an attack on the privacy of all U.S citizens. Although government surveillance will help better protect citizens, the action being taken invades each individual’s civil liberties. While the government attempts to protect its national security, all actions taken will be criticized upon, some in a respectable matter and others judged poorly. Despite the fact government surveillance has helped upon many solutions with terrorism, the act of surveillance on an U.S citizen is unconstitutional under the first amendment, while considered an invasion of privacy.
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