Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

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Throughout the ages in Western Civilization, a double standard for men and women has existed. Although in modern society women have started to level the playing field with men in terms of employment and leadership, but the gender gap in opportunities and in societal views persists. However, women can achieve true equality in society by evolving people’s actions through governmental action.
Women can achieve equal pay in the workforce and stop discrimination further, by advancing the Equal Rights Act amendment through Congress. This amendment originated from some aggressive women’s rights activist who began lobbying the Act in 1923, so women could stay protected against discrimination that prevailed in the workplace. The bill passed through
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Once women and young girls have these feelings it will encourage more women to partake in governmental positions (771).
Electing more female officials into Congress and state legislature to fulfill the gender gap in the American legislation will give women more pathways to equal rights in laws and policies. Currently, women only represent twenty percent of the American national legislation, and even less in many state legislations. Furthermore, this underrepresentation in the American government leads to a gender gap and misrepresents America’s body of approximately fifty percent female population. The general belief that the overwhelming amount of men in American legislation office causes women not to participate in politics. However, according to the American University in D.C. their study showed the perceived gender gap in government prevents women for running for political office. Nevertheless, the study found that novice politicians are more likely to run for office if encouraged by a fellow incumbent politician to run for a competitive seat; thus, it only takes more encouragement to fulfill the gender gap in politics