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GMO is a genetically modified organism such as plant, animals and other organisms whose genetics have been modified using a technology called transgenic technology. Basically, the genes of another plant or animal has been extracted and inserted into an organism to adjust certain changes. When it was first introduced to the public, it received both positive and negative reactions. Mainly because they did not know what it really was. One person wrote that if a genetically modified orange had spinach genes, would it taste like spinach or have a green skin instead? The answer to that is no. The society has yet to realize that GMO has been happening for years. The majority has learned about it in science class and scientists have named it cross…show more content…
There is a rise in concern for the environment in society now a days. Pollution due to cars and companies is the number one reason for global warming but following that is farming. Many people do not think that farming affects the environment in a bad way. But the way we farm now has a huge impact in the soil and water. Because farmers have a large burden to supply an immense amount of food in such a short time, they decide to overuse the soil which leads in bad soil quality and the soil becomes infertile. Moreover, the water can not be oberserved by the soil and the plants do not get the water that they need.As a result, farmers are forced to move and at the end, there is no land to farm on. But through the use of GM seeds, farmers can produce more produce in little time without destroying the soil. Another way society can think of this is that scientists are helping to set nature back on track. Therefore, genetically modified seeds help with the increase in food without the destruction of the land and water…show more content…
Researchers have found that using GM seeds will yield in more crop production because of their resistance to diseases. Which leads to the decrease in use of pesticide. Parents are increasing with concern with what they put into their kids bodies. And GM foods will be healthier than the average food. The decrease in the amount of pesticide affects the cost by decreasing it. Every day more and more people are being drowned by the poverty line and GM foods can help those families get the food they need. Families also have to deal with picky eaters and genetically modified foods can assist that by changing the taste of the food to correlate the kids taste and provide them with the nutrients that they

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